Modern networks generate data that describe current and change of status within a device. Un-configured this data remains hidden, simply logged away internally until over written. In the event of a network compromise whether intentional or not, this data holds the key to the source and extent of the compromise. Whether providing immediate notification of link failure or flagging a more targeted attack on a devices management interface, the collection and analysis of system wide logging data is fundamental to the availability and security of a modern automation system.

The automation network sits at the heart of any system, it extends its reach into the heart of every attached system. The implementation of centralised monitoring, capturing time synchronised, network-wide, statistics, events and alerts is the first step.

As logging data becomes centralised, the next challenge is to interpret, filter and classify this data as information used in a decision making process. Ultimately, network administrators are looking for the peace of mind that their networks are secure and delivering the performance as originally designed. In larger networks this is easier said than done; the large amount of automated data generated requires advanced network monitoring, security information and event management tools (SIEM) to see the ‘wood from the trees’. The ‘wood’ in this case is either the ’signature’ of intrusion or attack or the identification of component failure, the trees is the mass of device generated data; often sent without classification.

IT4A’s expertise is to develop an effective network-wide monitoring system. We offer the services to remotely monitor these systems providing the expertise to interpret and remediate issues as they are identified. Where remote access is not available, IT4A provide the design, implementation, training and support to help Customers deliver this monitoring capability in-house.