IT4A provide mixed media services into projects.

The outcome of any installation will be a certified infrastructure to EN50173. Every installation will consider aspects of:

  • Environmental Robustness
  • Cable construction
  • Optical properties
  • Diverse routing
  • Capacity
  • Termination

After full consideration IT4A will recommend an approach that achieves the desired project outcome.

Post implementation IT4A will certify and label and document the installation.

IT4A have delivered certified fibre and copper installations for the following industries:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Supply
  • Oil & Gas
  • Building Services
  • Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel
  • Solar Farms


To compliment installation, IT4A also provide a range of infrastructure maintenance services. From fibre clean and recertification to repair. IT4A can accommodate most challenge faced by automation projects.