Industrial Ethernet networks are the lifeblood of the modern automation system.  Conceived in the 1990’s where the need was increased performance and standards based fieldbus. The common threat related to the data path so the primary automation network feature was sub-second ring recovery. With a focus on basic connectivity, with limited functionality, Industrial Ethernets were typically designed and integrated by ICA rather than specialist network engineers. In 20 years the threat landscape has changed dramatically pushing risk management and network security far higher up the list of design priorities. The skill set required to design and support the new generation of secure, high performance, automation networks now demands specialists. IT4A is a Company of specialists in Critical Network Infrastructure.

Automation networks rely upon 5 key technology areas:

IT4A’s approach to detailed network design risk assessment and mitigation. Risks relate to the application, the environment and the risk appetite of the respective network owner. Risk mitigation is delivered through the products that are selected, their features being deployed to lessen or remove identified risk altogether.