Secure Remote Access

In a world where skills are increasingly scarce, taking the problem to the expert, using a secure remote access system, is both fast and cost effective.

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access means different to different people.

  • People who work form home accessing the database via a client website
  • Branch offices connect to Head office constantly to update information
  • Mobile workers access and upload information
  • Engineers access the system to troubleshoot faults or regular maintenance
  • Regular Backups to the Disaster Recovery Site

Why do you need to Remote Access?

  • Minimize the Downtime on Critical Networks by granting remote access to the competent person to troubleshoot
  • Reduce your commute and increase productivity
  • Connect while travelling or from abroad
  • Work form Home and reduce the office maintenance cost

We take care of your Concerns on Remote Access

  • Security Challenges: Potential security risk of accessing critical systems by unauthorized person
  • Technical Challenges: System needs to be allow remote access and need a dedicated high bandwidth WAN Connection
  • Business Challenges: Failure of the Remote Access Service will effect the entire business

Why IT4A for Secure Remote Access System?

  • Experienced in delivering Secure Segregated Remote Access Systems for Critical Network Infrastructure consist of Life Safety SCADA Systems
  • Our Approach to Design and Implement the Secure Remote Access System, customized to suite your business needs
  • Design and Implement by Experts with Security, Availability, Flexibility, in mind
  • 24/7 Secure Access to the Critical Network over the Public Internet or Private WAN
  • Highly Secured, Segregated, Controlled, Monitored and Maintained Solutions. Built in-house and tested to the test plan
  • Provide out-of-band Private WAN connection for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Highly Secure Remote Access via a Hardware Client Device with X.509 Certificates
  • Resilience design with Dual ISP Connections

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