IES-L2 Layer 2 Networking

This course will help consolidate and expand on your existing knowledge of various switch technologies. During this hands on course you will also be trained to configure Layer 2 switches.



Technical Overview

  • Communication in a Layer 2 Network
  • ARP
  • Bridging table

Communication Redundancy Protocols

  • RSTP
  • MSTP
  • Turbo Ring V1/V2
  • Turbo Chain

Link Aggregation

Virtual LAN

IP Multicast

  • IGMP snooping

Quality of Service

Traffic Rate Limiting

Special Features

  • Loop protection / line swap recovery
  • Time synchronization (NTP & PTP)
  • DHCP option 82/66/67
  • Modbus TCP
  • LLDP
  • Power over Ethernet
  • SFP monitoring


Knowledge in networking is required. “Industrial Ethernet Foundation” (IES-F1) course is recommended.

Learning Objectives

This course covers the following:

Basic concept

  • Describe “Bridging table” roles in L2 switch

Link Redundancy Protocols

  • Describe importance RSTP parameters and their roles
  • Explain main advantage of MSTP over RSTP
  • Design possible topology based on Turbo ring protocol include its coupling possibility
  • Design possible topology based on Turbo chain protocol
  • Understand switch’s “port status” in Turbo Ring and Turbo chain topology
  • Configure Turbo chain and Turbo ring parameters in MOXA L2 Switch correctly

Virtual LAN Communication

  • Understand the basic concept of VLAN in L2 communication
  • Understand the basic topology based on VLAN implementation in L2 Switch
  • Configure VLAN parameters in MOXA L2 switch based on basic topology

Additional Features

  • Describe IGMP snooping operation in L2 communication
  • Explain the different between “SNMP TRAP” and “SNMP Inform”
  • Describe DHCP option 82/66/67
  • Explain basic role of MOXA switch under PTP application
  • Explain the role of MOXA switch in MODBUS TCP communication
  • Interpret information from SFP monitoring page
  • Describe the effect of ToS and CoS parameters in connection of MOXA L2 Switch



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