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Why be trained

Why be Trained?

Existing networks, either under your control or influence, have grown organically and now performance has become noticeably slower and reliability is deteriorating. You feel the network is at fault but can't put your finger on the cause?


Values & Beliefs

IT4A believe that Automation engineers - not IT - should own responsibility for Automation network infrastructure. If quality and ultimately safety are to be maintained, Engineers must be certified in networking as they are in other core disciplines.


New Opportunities

Vendor certification is an opportunity to differentiate your Company when bidding for new business or retaining existing? Large Infrastructure projects are looking for evidence of competence in network design; vendor certification is one such evidence.

IT4A Academy Banner

Why IT4A Academy?

Over 17 years IT4Automation has designed and implemented some of the most critical networks on the planet. Being trained at the IT4A Academy gives you direct access to the highly experience Engineers that delivered these projects.

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