When problems occur with an automation network they can quickly impact production and even safety. Whether monitoring critical systems across the UKs network of Motorways, tunnels & bridges, the state of pumps and valves across a water utility, or the status controllers within a nuclear process, it ultimately comes down to accessibility of relevant skills and competence to troubleshoot, diagnose and remediate any network issue.

If you add in the risk of incorrectly specified product hardware, for example: A simple failing air-conditioning plant can be the root cause of intermittent network-wide failure that can very difficult to locate and resolve (commercial network products operate up to +40C - easily exceeded in tunnel niche with no AC). Effective monitoring and access to the technical skills and, equally important, the experience to interpret network originated events; will ultimately result in a saving in reputation and unplanned costs.

Working with IT4A as a partner you gain access to a specialist partner that has skills, experience and competence to diagnose and resolve network wide issues. Wide project experience, over 18 years in virtually every industry, enables these services to be delivered in a way that is consistent with Industrial rather than Enterprise expectation.

Technical support is also there to deal with the more mundane challenges of managing adds moves and changes, capacity planning, resilience issues, network expansion and extension and remote access. You pay only for the support you use.