Maintaining a network is much the same as any other complex system, it provides confidence that the network and features, performs as when commissioned. Whilst correctly specified network hardware is generally reliable, the media that attaches devices to it can degrade over time, rapid resilience mechanisms, automatically activated, can go undetected leaving a network vulnerable, miss-patching can introduce a variety of issues, firmware updates can fix security and vulnerability and also issues relating to feature function and performance. Management systems need software patches and software updates to keep current, logs need reviewing and clearing - there is plenty to do. The comfort that a repeat of Site Acceptance Test (SAT), performed on a regular basis, adds to the confidence in the infrastructure. It also adds familiarity with the network that will aid any troubleshooting that becomes necessary over time.

IT4A offer bespoke network maintenance programmes to complete propositions for monitoring, support, and maintenance of critical and general automation network infrastructure.

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