Network Support & Maintenance

Manage change and ensure your network performs and behaves today as it did when it was commissioned.

We offer a comprehensive Network Support & Maintenance Service for a fixed monthly fee. We care your IT Infrastructure, you care your Business.

Ensure your network performs and behaves today as it did when it was commissioned.

Access a team of certified network specialists that can fully support your network.

Before discussing the IT4A's proposal for Network Maintenance, let us examine the benefits that enabling proactive network maintenance can bring to your network.

A maintenance strategy, proactive in particular, assures faster and more accurate diagnosis of issues, quicker repairs and more importantly, lowered operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, a proactive maintenance plan allows for scheduled network downtime in order to perform dedicated or non-dedicated maintenance-related activities or system upgrades. So, what is the IT4A's offer for Network Maintenance?

Our offer revolves around the proactive maintenance strategy, the latter having two components:

Predictive Maintenance

  • On a live monitoring to predict when maintenance actions should take place
  • Achieved through live network monitoring of specific parameters such as CPU usage, temperature, communication errors etc.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Periodic activity on the network equipment to reduce the chance of failure
  • Periodic preventive maintenance activities done by IT4A to minimize the downtime

Why we are different?

  • Proactive approach to rectify the problems
  • Experience in supporting backbone of the Critical Networks
  • 24/7 monitoring and office ours remediation
  • Regular on-site visits as defined in the contract

The TT4A's proposal for Network Support appeared as our response to an emerging requirement – dealing with all network issues as soon as (or even before) they occur. Call-outs after complete network failure are both expensive and resource consuming; a smart approach was therefore required.

Network Support is a 24/7 commitment, typically paired-up with network monitoring, required in order ensure that all issues are dealt with as soon as they occur and that any potential downtime is kept to a minimum. In this context, what is IT4A's proposal for Network Support?

For any type of business, the successful solution is to secure a team of specialists, providing the necessary support to your network. Either driven by certain regulations or simply to keep production to maximum, employing a team to handle networking issues will address these requirement, but with a very high cost. Moreover, an in-house team’s skills usually tend to become outdated, as they're only expose to a certain network with a certain set of potential issues.

These disadvantage can be however eradicated through our proposal – accessing IT4A Support – a team certified network specialists that can provide on-site and remote support.

The typical support actions, performed in the event of a network failure, are:

  • Basic analysis and troubleshooting
  • Identify the failed system
  • Determine and document the symptoms that form the essence of the problem
  • Detailed analysis and troubleshooting
  • Document actions
  • Report
  • Incident support
  • Disaster recovery

IT4A Network Support is committed to providing tailored solutions, meeting your requirements for network support. Either part of a larger scope, to include network maintenance and monitoring services or purely stand-alone, our engineers can develop the best solution for your network.