Customers want to survey their network prior to an major application upgrade or following a significant network event that has interrupted production or operation in some form or another.

Often automation networks have evolved organically with little in the way of structured design or active monitoring. Such networks are rarely documented making administration and troubleshooting difficult.

IT4A's network review or survey activity considers the gaps between what is installed and what represents good practice. We will determine the 'as built' characteristics such as: Robustness, resilience, performance, security and network management. We will identify relevant threats to availability and the risks to your applications if these threats materialise.

The scope of an audit can be all encompassing or limited to focus upon a specific area.

Our engineers will start offsite by understanding the symptoms and consequences of issues that have been experienced, completing a review of all the documentation that exists, and finally determining the desired outcome - what does good look like?

With an initial assessment complete and a an activity plan, risk assessment and method statement in place IT4A will commence site based activities.

The outcome will be a report detailing the scope of works, the methods employed, the findings from our survey, testing and analysis and and conclusions we have been able to draw from the evidence collected. We will close the report with recommendations that will address any areas of concern.