The best decisions come when good information presented at the right time.

Whilst making assumptions maybe part of a budgeting process, allowing assumptions to go untested into the design and implementation is highly dangerous (carries risk) and something IT4A recommend is avoided.

IT4A offer a wide range of technical consulting services to engineer risk out of design.

Good automation network design considers risk; whether it is risk to the applications that use the network or the threats to optimal availability caused by attack, misuse. Identifying indicators of compromise and mitigating them through design is a robust and controlled approach to network design. Example indicators include:

Analysis of application data streams can highlight bottlenecks caused by capacity, miss configuration or underperforming product.

Analysis and certification of underlying media provides surety that performance and reliability objectives can be achieved.

A review of topology can identify opportunities for resilience and optimisation.

A review of network management and administration tools will identify gaps between current implementation and good practice.

Working from media to system management our team of engineers can gather the evidence to direct the design process for the most critical of applications.