IT4A provide strategic and technical consulting.

Strategic Consulting Service

A collaboration that looks into the architectural and business drivers for change. The outcome is a well defined scope with accompanying reference design.

A full scope will consider:

  • Determination of need
  • Audit of what exists
  • Gap analysis
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Basis of design
  • Documentation set
  • Test planning
  • Integration & commissioning plan
  • Live migration plan
  • Post implementation support plan
  • Maintenance plan
  • Training requirements

Technical Consulting Service

Planning a significant future investment without first understanding the present status results in uncertainty.

Leaving early design assumptions untested introduces a risk that can scupper the best laid plans and budgets. Preliminary investigations into areas of risk can provide a degree of confidence and a source of reference for years to come. One area of regular uncertainty is the quality of existing fibre infrastructure, another the root cause of performance bottlenecks.