Network Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of network wide events, in order to maximise availability and maintain the security and integrity of your network.

What we monitor?

IT4A Professionals closely work with you to cut through the complexity of your IT Infrastructure, also we Store & Archive Logs for Regulatory Compliance

Before detailing the IT4A's proposal for Network Monitoring, let us examine how enabling network monitoring can truly benefit your application or production system. Network monitoring is essential for both classic IT systems and mission critical networks. Either monitoring Internet up-links or state-of-the-art resilient automation networks, a monitoring and alerting system is a key factor for maintaining the overall system's security and integrity.

In answering the question, to whom such a monitoring an alerting system suits best, we know that usually medium and large-sized networks have network monitoring systems, either onsite or offsite (in the cloud). Does this imply that small networks do not require such functionality?

A chance of failure is associated to any electronic system, no matter how simple or complex. On the other hand, in the last few years small networks such as automation networks have become the target for network intrusions, simply because security practices are not implemented in systems of this scale. A contributing factor of the latter is unfortunately the perception that network security is only important for large organizations and companies, which operate similar-sized networks. So, what is the IT4A's proposal for Network Monitoring?

Why IT4A for monitoring your network?

  • Specialized in monitoring Critical Network Infrastructure
  • IT4A have the in-house Network Operations Centre (NOC) maintained by IT Experts
  • IT4A follow the Good Practice Guides to deliver the quality service to the Industry Standards
  • Up-to-date and adopted to the technology changes and staff training
  • The Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) checks are performed on entire IT Team
  • We use Industry Specific Customized approach to suites your business needs
  • Dedicated Isolated Systems for each client for security purposes
  • Customized reports to understand the network status at-a-glance
  • Air-gap approach for Windows updates and anti-virus updates on Isolated critical networks
  • We act as a mini Service Provider for our Clients only
  • 3G wireless WAN as resilience path for monitoring upon ISP failure

What IT4A Monitor for you?

  • Status Monitoring - Device Status and Port Status of Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Servers. Status of VPN Tunnels, WAN Connectivity
  • Environment Monitoring - Device Health Status such as Temperature, threshold
  • Security Monitoring - Syslog messages and security alerts
  • Capacity Monitoring and Performance Monitoring

Your Concerns on Outsource Monitoring.

  • Security Concerns:
  • Cost & Service Quality:
  • Standard at Vendor Location:
  • Capability to do the job:

We put ourselves in your shoes and work towards to fulfill your needs & IT4A work hard to satisfy your needs within your budget.

Benefits of Outsourcing Monitoring Services to IT4A

  • Control your operational cost and lower infrastructure investment
  • Focus on your core business functions while delegating mundane time consuming processes to IT4A
  • Get access to skilled expertise Periodic Reports on your Network Infrastructure.

Network monitoring involves a variety of techniques and methods, deployed for the purpose of maintaining security and integrity of critical and non-critical networks.

Our dedicated tools are performing 24/7 network monitoring, continuously interrogating live networks for the current status and appearance of:

  • Equipment failures or conditions for failure
  • Link and service failures
  • High utilisation (bandwidth, processing power etc.)
  • Communication errors
  • Security policies violations (breaches), intrusion detection
  • Custom and implementation-specific events

Mission-critical networks usually have self-recovery mechanisms, in case of failure. For this reason, if a failure has occurred, a typical undertaken action is alerting a system maintainer or on-site personnel. Establishing (or adopting) the best network monitoring method for is crucial to both the security and integrity of your application or production system.

We offer local and (IT4A) cloud-hosted network monitoring and alerting solutions for both new and existing implementations. Either part of our proactive network maintenance regimes (condition monitoring) or purely stand-alone, our engineers can tailor the best solution for your network.

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